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Our commercial window cleaning service delivers a professional and reliable service and has done for the past 12 years. Our exceptional service standards have been the foundation of our success.

We operate by using a reach and wash system. The system allows us to reach buildings up to 60ft high, and has many benefits including -reducing health and safety risks -reducing total cleaning costs -eliminating the need for high access equipment -No detergent residue means windows stay cleaner for longer.

We provide a reliable affordable service to shops, offices, hotels, schools, resteraunts, nursing homes and many more. On each job we implement strict health and safety rules which are followed closely by our staff. We are also fully insured.

Our aim is to provide an exceptional service, add value and build long term relationships through working in partnership with our clients.

How Our Water Works

Stage One

We push our water at high pressure through a semi permeable membrance.

Stage Two

This cleanses the water of any impurities and leaves the water we use crystal clear.

Stage Three

The water then being used to clean your windows won't leave any marks or bleamishes. That's the AlphaGleam promise.

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